Why Chacos?

There are so many reasons to invest in Chaco, so let us help and name a few…


Consumer Obsessed: When you buy Chaco, you’re also buying into the #ChacoNation, the community of life-loving explorers and adventurers from around the world.

All-Day Comfort- Arch Support: Every pair of footwear from our iconic sport sandals to our most boots they all share one fit, one feel and one ride with the LUVSEAT footbed. They are APMA certified footbeds and are recognized to promote healthy alignment and arch-support.

Innovative & Conscious Design: We’re constantly working towards more conscientious design, so there will be fewer parts and pieces while still having function and beauty in every element we produce.

Superior Service & Customer Support: We’re expert sales people, seasoned technical reps, and master storytellers who are always available to support you.

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Journeys with Merrell

Merrell promises that they exist to give you all you really need to discover the simple yet profound power of the trail.


You know what you can see from space

Blue. Green. Brown.

The Pacific. The Redwoods. The Andes

Places begging to be experienced

You know what you can’t see

Your phone. Your computer. Deadlines

All the materialistic stuff we get consumed by

A culture that says you need more, or you will be less


What matters remains simple

Earned experiences over gathered possessions

The things you can see, hear, feel

The profound reward that nature offeres freely

To those who are curious about their next journey

Welcoming sweat. Dirft, altitude, sleet, or snow

Those willing to put in the effort to enjoy the reward

Alone or with the people we love

Modern life gets complicated

Nature remains essential. Majestic. Transformational

Those who know that when you have air in your lungs

And good shoes on your feet

You already have all that you need

To hit the trail

To reach your peak

To seize on every adventure

To live the real moments

That make a meaningful life


The Golden Rule of the Trail: Don’t let the path determine the story, let the story find its path.


She Jumps Wild Skills Adventure Camp at Crystal Mountain

On Friday, August 17, girls ages 6-17 and their families joined us for a Wild Skills Adventure at Crystal Mountain. SheJumps Wild Skills Adventures are open community events where parents/chaperones participate with the girls. Throughout the adventure, participants are introduced to a range of technical and survival skills girls need to get out and adventure.

The event start was a rolling one with groups showing up as they want between 9:30 am – 11:30am. At registration they received a specialized Wild Skills Journal & Adventure map which guided them throughout the event. 


First stop of the day was 10 Essentials & Leave No Trace at the base area presented by Clif. SheJumps ambassador, Cheryl Kochevar, and volunteers did a gear check with each group, loaded them up with Clif Z bars, GoGo Squeez snacks and a journal as well as taught them how to protect the beautiful places they visit along the trail. After completed, they mosied over to the gondola for a ride to the summit.

After the laid back gondola ride, participants were treated to a full view of Mt. Rainier from the summit of Crystal Mountain topping out at an elevation of 6,872 feet. This was a unexpected treat seeing as the days before were filled with smoke from the wild fires. After soaking up the view, they traveled the ridge to the top of the Green Valley chair where Ranger Catherine was waiting to teach them all about wildlife in our area. This station was presented by Mt. Rainier National Park’s Education Department.

This was a self directed station where groups found a directional sign, colored pencils and the sounds of nature. Participants were instructed to record all the sounds around them – interpreting the sounds and drawing images in their Wild Skills Journal.

Groups followed the Crystal Mountain Trail route to the next station: First Aid. Headed up by Wild Skills Coordinator for Washington, Kristen Kochevar, the first aid station helped girls understand what they can do to stay safe on the mountain as well as what to do in an emergency. Reviewing how to safely assess a scene, do a complete body check and call for help as well as learning useful splints and how to properly tie a sling.


Halfway down the summer trail, groups encountered a small trail leading up to Elizabeth Lake where the Water Purification Station presented by Yukon Trading Company was located. When you first arrived, Amy Cook & Megan Davin, gave you the breakdown of why we filter water and clearly represented all the bad stuff that can reside in water. Next, the girls got to filter water with Ultra-Light purification water bottles, a genius product from Grayl that easily does the process for you. After filling water bottles, the girls learned how to use Jet Boil stoves to heat water and create their own hot chocolate treat. Special thanks to Yukon Trading Company for going above and beyond with this rad station that was a favorite of many I talked to!

The Shelter Building Station presented by Arc’teryx Seattle located at Henskin Lake was the last technical station the girls came across. This ended up being a great place for many groups to take an extended break – enjoying lunch and even some swimming. After recharging with snacks, they were greeted by the volunteer team who handed them a mixed bag of items and tasked with building a survival shelter. Each group worked from the information in the Wild Skills Journals and was given tips & tricks by volunteers throughout the building process. There were many creative solutions!


The remainder of the trail passed through old growth forest, an old mining camp, waterfalls and even traverses a ski run called Gold Hills which participants could catch a glimpse of the wrap party. After completing the trail, girls were greeted by the giant inflatable CLIF arch, high fives, face painting, treats from CLIF, lawn games and food! Upon completion of stations, girls received a sticker marking they did it, at the end of the trail girls turned in their maps for a chance to win prizes. The free drawing included fabulous prizes from Arc’teryx, CLIF, K2 Sports, She Emerges and more of our rad partners!

Wild Skills at Crystal Mountain was made possible thanks to our generous partners and by our dedicated and hard working PNW team of volunteers who gave their time to help make this an event the participants will never forget. Thank you to all who helped make this such a special event for these young ladies and their families!


DrinkTanks + DaKine Keg Laps

DrinkTanks -- Two-wheelin' the Tap!
Check out Dakine's Keg Laps 128 OZ Hip Hydration Pack which features the DrinkTank 128 Juggernaut insulated growler and keg tap. This growler keg tap is designed specifically for DrinkTanks growlers and will keep your beer fresh to the last drop. The Keg Cap Kit comes with a cap, CO2 injector, and two threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridges. Yes, this was the Dakine April Fools joke but we still love the idea! 
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GRAYL® Ultralight Purifier [+Filter] Bottle

Purification and filtration in [ONE PRESS]. The world's most efficient and convenient purifier bottle makes safe, clean drinking water from virtually any fresh water source in the world — in only 15 seconds.