Brands spend millions to make their product look and feel a certain way.  As an agency, we knew early on that pulling random products out of a duffel bag in the retailer’s back room was doing a disservice to both the brand AND the retailer.  Our intent in building the Seattle showroom was to have the ability to showcase each brand we represent the best way possible.  A monument per-se.

The showroom was constructed with an eye for aesthetics and an enhanced buyer experience in mind.  Merchandising walls are available for the retailers to display the products they have selected, helping to visualize how these products will translate to their own stores.  Manufacturers’ point of  purchase displays are available to allow retailers to get a better idea of how much space the products will take up, and how they would look on their sales floor.  Buyers love the ability to see a quality presentation, and have the time to write quality orders.  It is really a win-win.