Journeys with Merrell

Merrell promises that they exist to give you all you really need to discover the simple yet profound power of the trail.


You know what you can see from space

Blue. Green. Brown.

The Pacific. The Redwoods. The Andes

Places begging to be experienced

You know what you can’t see

Your phone. Your computer. Deadlines

All the materialistic stuff we get consumed by

A culture that says you need more, or you will be less


What matters remains simple

Earned experiences over gathered possessions

The things you can see, hear, feel

The profound reward that nature offeres freely

To those who are curious about their next journey

Welcoming sweat. Dirft, altitude, sleet, or snow

Those willing to put in the effort to enjoy the reward

Alone or with the people we love

Modern life gets complicated

Nature remains essential. Majestic. Transformational

Those who know that when you have air in your lungs

And good shoes on your feet

You already have all that you need

To hit the trail

To reach your peak

To seize on every adventure

To live the real moments

That make a meaningful life


The Golden Rule of the Trail: Don’t let the path determine the story, let the story find its path.